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WIZARD HAILS YOU!Official homepage of Wizard Ltd. - one of the best Bulgarian music company.
French antiques galleryGallery specialyze in 19th century French antiques in Louis XV, Louis XVI style. We offer furnitures and decorative art objects of great quality and authenticity.
Deutsch Friesenhahn Fine ArtImages of Prints of my paintings for sale. Free with purchase offers.
Welcome to My New Matchmaking Service!!!Home of my new, FREE matchmaking service!! Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places? Check this spot out! I need customers to get this service going! (HELP ME!!!) There is also a link to "Proofreading for Pennies" -- my new, VERY CHEAP proofreading business. Proofreading for $1.00 to $10.00!!
Amazing Books: Magick~Wicca~Pagan Discount books on candle magick, rituals, aromatherapy, druids, classics and hits!
Urban Forest WoodworksHeirloom quality products all made entirely from rescued city trees. A environmentally correct product, all handcrafted and always one-of-a-kind.
Free Business Opportunity
Absolutely Free For Life Business Web SiteGet your free Business or Personal web site with no strings attached. Optional income opportunities and services. Start your own home internet business or just have fun.
TELECOM PROS OPPORTUNITY Long distance rates as low as 6.3 a minute! We save 9 out of 10 people money on their long distance bill! NO GIMMICKS, JUST SAVINGS!! We are always looking for independent agents. Agents receive a FREE WEBSIT, FREE UNLIMITED TRAINING & SUPPORT. COME CHECK US OUT! AT:
Learn how to start your OWN home business!Learn how to start your own homebased business with this software. Includes 177 tips, ideas, and step-by-step instructions for each different business report, and ways for you to succeed with your business.
Free Spree - Free Gift Shop - Bookstore - Flower Shop and More. Sign up Free! Dream of your own business? Get it here for Free! Also Free Web Page with Sign Up
Special Interest Videos & CD-ROM'sFree Catalogs! Over 10,000 titles of the best Educational,Instructional & How-To Informational Videos & CD-ROM's to meet all your needs. Money Back Gaurantee. Sales & Discounts Available.
Special Treasures We sell gifts and collectables.
SailAway Yacht Charter ConsultantsOver 2,000 yachts (sail and power, with and without crew) for charter worldwide. Award-winning interactive website featuring fun links, trivia links, celebrity photo links, informative links, and even an online inquiry form! Please cyber-SailAway with us!
Bareboat DepotAward-winning, interactive website for yachtsmen and -women. Virtual Marinas [tm] where you can click to inspect your favorite yacht models, then browse through sample itineraries and weather information, review equipment lists and deposit/cancellation terms, and even RESERVE the yacht of your choice online 24 hours a day! Cybersail through the worldwide fleet of yachts at the Bareboat Depot!
Cruisaholics Sea Voyages Friendly cruise agency offering cheap discount sea cruises to: The Caribbean, Alaska, Mexico, Europe, etc. Links to cruise lines and ports, Fun & Games, Photo Gallery, and much more.
Sunridge Message SystemHave fun making money and get a FREE web page just for participating!! Find out how!!
Don't pay for a second phone line to surf!!Stay connected...Monitor your calls while your line is busy surfing the Internet. We offer the next best thing to a second phone line but without all the added costs. Voted Best of Comdex Canada '97. Free 30 day no commitment trial offer. Free software.
Micro ImagesFree Hat. T-Shirts, Jackets, Sweats, Hats. Thousands of Designs to choose from, assorted colors & styles of clothing. Will customize with lettering (thermal film or thermal flock). Sizes Newborn to 5X. Free Catalog
600 How-To Books you can REPRINT and RESELL!Over 600 How-To Books, Reports & Money-Making Guides you can Reprint and Sell...All on a Single CDROM!! Now you too can make $1,000s Monthly Selling Information by Mail!
Valuephonecard Co. An online site for pre-paid phonecards for personal,business use or for selling at your site or place of business.
1st Quality Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs Order just our catalog & get a bottle of Nature's One-A-Day/Multi-Vitamins 60 caps ($8.95 value) for free. Over 150 Quality supplements including Special Formulas. Services are unique. FREE Catalog with order , FREE Shipping over $60.00, FREE copy of The Doctors Vitamin Encyclopedia on orders over $100.00, Buy 2 get 1 FREE, Buy 3 get 2 FREE. Secure Ordering.
PhytoBears DESIGNER GUMMY-BEARS FOR KIDS! Whole food nutrition in fruit flavored, all-natural Phyto-Bears. Each bear provides all the vitamins,minerals, soluble fiber, enzymes, and phytochemicals in 4 oz. of 9 fresh vegetables and 3 fruits No artificial ingredients or refined sugar. CALL FOR YOUR FREE SAMPLES
Magi Books and Gifts Offers a wide variety of new age books,calendars, music and self-help tapes & CD`s.Has offer for free newsletter with personalized free tarot reading in first issue subscriber recives. Also free gifts With special book purchase. Free book offer worth $15.00 with purchase of 10 items.
Comics Unlimited Visit one of the best comic book stores in southern california. The site features new comics, collector's back issues, Beanie Babies, Pictures of special event autograph parties, and more!"> Brown & Brown Cybermall Shop Online at Brown & Brown Cybermall. Deep discounts from 5-50% off list on famous name products like Sony, Panasonic & Nike. Check the Deal of the day or enter weekly drawing for great free stuff.
Comics Unlimited Visit one of the best comic book stores in southern california. The site features new comics, collector's back issues, Beanie Babies, Pictures of special event autograph parties, and more!
Effective Partner for Planning Ahead EPPA Consulting is an [E]ffective [P]artner for [P]lanning [A]head. Check it out!
Home Food Safety Pug Dog Enterprises has recently produced a series of Home Food Safety Videos titled, "Hi, I'm Your Health Inspector!" This series is aimed at consumers and covers issues that arise during normal preparation of meals in the home. Although still under construction, the site will sonn add an interactive HOME FOOD SAFETY QUIZ, tips on the latest in SAFE FOOD prepatation and links to other food safety sites
FREE 900 Numbers We'll give you a FREE 900 Number and a Bonus worth over $100.00
Call more busy phone lines!!! A new Call Management Service just for the internet. Deal with incoming calls simply and economically. Voted Best of Comdex Canada '97. Free software. Free 30-day trial.
Roasted Soy Beans - Snack FoodThis page describes Real Roasted Soy Beans as a healthy alternative to peanuts and other snack foods. They're great with flavours such as Maple, Sour Cream and Onion and BBQ.
AAAA Gifts A treasure house of wonderful gifts...for yourself, your family, and your friends...we have weekly specials, monthly contests, porcelain dolls, carousels, collectibles, toys & games, children's books, gifts for the golfer, gifts for the bride; and much, much more
Make Money The Easy Way Gives details on how to make up to $5000 a month in residual income from the longdistance market with no investment on your part. Take advantage of this completly free offer today.
How to Self-Publish and Sell a How-To Booklet
How to Quiet a Crying Baby and How to Help Your Child Sleep Through the Night ...Is your newborn infant baby fussy and crying during the nighttime and won't sleep? Can't get your child to sleep through the night? Does your baby have colic and can't sleep? You need soothing, relaxing, Baby Go To Sleep music lullaby for parents of newborn babies, young children, and expectant parents.
Submit Unlimited We submit you for free to 250 Search engines.
American Network Systems Network Marketing business.
Call Manager...Voted Best of Comdex Canada Stay connected...Monitor your calls while your line is busy surfing the Internet. We offer the next best thing to a second phone line but without all the added costs. Voted Best of Comdex Canada '97. Free 30 day no commitment trial offer.
Stardust DVD carries a full line of DVD Movies Titles at Wholesale Prices.
: 15 TO 30% OFF YOUR HOSPITAL BILL(S) We specialize in hospital bill discounting. Contact us before you pay your bill.
"Old Pete's" Web-SiteSend Beautiful Picture Postcards For FREE By E-Mail, Start A Home Mail-Order Business. Sell Mail-Order Information To Help New Dealers Start Their Business. High Profit Potential With Our Reports That Include Reprint Rights. Check It Out, Today!
: We are currently building our cyber-space mall and are connecting buyers and sellers world wide to outstanding opportunities. Until the mall officially opens during September 1997, we are offering FREE SPACE and a FREE WEB PAGE on our beta site. We are also, offering FREE MODERATED (no MLM, Get rich schemes, adult stuff) CLASSIFIEDS. Visit us and send e-mail for further information.
A totally free e-mail based reminder service that reminds you twice, just in case you forget the first time. Free contest and prizes each and every month, as well as a comprehensive selection of gifts to choose from should you be inclined. NO OBLIGATION to buy, ever!
E.D. Foods - Soup du Jour and Tomorrow!
I give away a free software that will setup a bi-weekly mortgage which will cut your mortgage $50,000 or more in interest payments.
Children's Quality Resale Selling and buying of children's new or gently used nambrand clothing, toys & equipment! All at AFFORDABLE PRICES!
: Free Plus S&H has products I produced and have Overstock! Shipping is in USA only. Other countries will be charged by their location.
: Links to free business opportunities & fun stuff!

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