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10/11 Lots of Free Tapes from Audio Tape Ministry
10/11 Free Brochure and Coloring Poster at Janice's Attic (1-800)
10/11 Free FundRaising Kit from Human-i-Tees
10/11 Free Samples from Compess Supplies Plotter/Reprographic Products
10/11 Free Network Security Blueprint Poster from Choreo
10/11 Free North Beach Coffee Sample
10/11 Free Prayer Card and Audio Tape from Catholic Teen Apostolate (usa only)
10/11 Free Leonard Peltier Bumper Sticker (LSASE)
10/11 Still Valid - Free Sample ButterBuds
10/11 Still Valid - Free Samples from The Excedrin Headache Resource Center
10/11 Free Seeds in Space II Experiment from Nasa to Teachers and Home Schoolers
10/11 Teacher Freebie - Life Safety Materials and Free Presentation for Classrooms from First Alert
10/11 Cute Graphics for Kids Pages at SkyLight
10/11 Free Park Seed Catalogs
10/11 Hundreds of Free Mail Order Catalogs
10/11 Print Out Your Own Coupons at Cool Savings
10/11 Kids Can Recieve a Free Letter from the "Great Pumpkin"
10/11 Still Valid - AV Image Family CD-Rom
10/11 Free "Roadside Almanac" from Heyne Seeds (LSASE)
10/10 Free MICR Warehouse Preview Kit
10/10 Contest - 2 Drawings Monthly for Bike/Jogging Spaghetti Lites (usa only)
10/10 Contest - Win a 5625 Cordless Telephone by Motorola (usa only 10/31)
10/10 Contest - The Imposters Sweepstakes - Win a Luxury Cruise (daily entry, 10/31)
10/10 Want To Be Featured On Our Site?? Sponsor a Prize
10/10 Free Video or CD-Rom from Aperture Management
10/10 Free Brochure for Teachers from Golden Opportunity
10/10 Free Quarter Pound Candy - Choose from Many Types (with dealership or order)
10/10 Free Chatoyant Rose Perfume Sample Swatch
10/10 Trial Offer - Free Entertainment Discounts
10/10 Free Hat for Folks in Arizona, Southern California, or New Mexico
10/10 Free Samples from "Be Your Own Boss"
10/10 Contest - Win a Trip to Cancun (12/31)
10/10 Free CD-Roms for Kid Testers at Creative Wonders
10/10 Free Arthritis Booklet "Total Patient Management"
10/10 Free Sample from Murad Skincare
10/10 Still Valid - Free Pre-Paid Phone Card from PorTel
10/10 Free Trial pack of Pet Scoop Plastic Bags
10/10 Free Calling Card from Value Shoppe
10/10 Free Sample from R.B.Grant Packaging Solutions
10/10 Free Lamination Sample Kit from Laminall
10/10 Free Video on Demountable Truck Body Systems from Demountable Concepts, Inc.
10/10 Free Sample Address for Success Labels
10/10 Contest and Free Brochure or Info Pack about US Savings Bonds
10/10 Free Sample Horse Treats and Money Saving Coupon from The Tack Shop
10/10 Still Valid - Free Rainforest Crunch Candy Bar to School FundRaisers
10/10 Still Valid - Free Sample Therapeutic Pain Rub (TPR)
10/10 3-day sample of Redeem Weight Loss Supplement
10/10 Free Gift for Hawk Labeling System Owners
10/9 Free Sample from Discount Cosmetics
10/9 Free Home Project Planner Catalogs and Brochures
10/9 Free Yard and Garden Project Catalogs and Brochures
10/9 Free Home Decor Project Catalogs and Brochures
10/9 Wedding World Coupons State By State Listings
10/9 Free "Poetry of the Physique" BodyBuilding Postcard
10/9 Free Baby Carriage Catalog from A Baby Carriage (ABC)
10/9 Free Video "How to Allergy-Proof Your Home and Feel Better" plus Contest
10/9 Las Vegas Discounts and Free Magic Show Tickets from O'Sheas Casino (LSASE)
10/9 Free Sample Issue Midwest SportHorse Journal
10/9 Contest - Win a Pair of Round Trip Tickets to Albuquerque, New Mexico and Free Brochures (11/16)
10/9 Free Sample and Contest at "Select the Best" Horse Nutrition
10/9 Free One Year Subscription to The Herald Magazine and other Free Publications
10/9 Free Sample Reflective Halloween Bag
10/9 Free Stuff from Eclectic Authors and Partners (most require LSASE)
10/9 Free Qi Journal Catalog
10/9 Expires Soon - E-Toys: - Save $10.00. Enter eToys coupon code C2363 when ordering. $15 minimum purchase. Limit 1 per household. Offer expires 10/11/98 As Seen In Child Magazine
10/9 Want To Be Featured On Our Site??
10/9 Free Audio Cassette and Info on Starting Your Own Business
10/9 Contest - KareMor Spray Vitamins 5 Winners (oct 31)
10/8 Contest - SpeedStick Ultimate Sports Fantasy (one entry, usa only 10/31)
10/8 Free Advertising Calendar for Business Owners and Professionals
10/8 Still Valid - Free Stickers from Freehill Trading (LSASE)
10/8 Still Valid - Free Diabetes Exercise Video
10/8 Free Goal Planning Journal (LSASE)
10/8 Submit Your Site To The Most Popular Search Engines For Free
10/8 Free 11x17 Laminated Time Zone & Area Code Map
10/8 Free Copy of "Guerilla Rock" on Cassette
10/8 Free Booklet " Caring for Your Flowers" from Espoma
10/8 Requested by Reader - OreIda Free Phone Card (proof of purchase required)
10/8 Free Stuff from the Pork Information Bureau
10/8 Free Stuff from the Band "Illa-Dapted"
10/8 Contest - Win A PowerBar Fleece Vest and Gift Package from REI (10/21 one entry usa only)
10/8 Free Sample B-1 Boom Prewash Wipe (utility or industrial end-users and distributors only)
10/8 Free Sample of Super C serum and ACE cream at Sesha A.C.E. Skin Therapy
10/8 Free Video "Tack and Saddle Storage System" from Tack Master
10/8 Free Sample Issue of "The Trifty Traveler"
10/8 Free U.S. Telephone Area Code Map
10/8 Contest - Win Silver and Gold from the Nevada Mining Association (one monthly entry, usa only)
10/8 Still Valid - Free Termite or Ant Video from Orkin
10/8 Still Valid - Free Gift from Allegheny University Hospitals
10/8 Free Bumper Sticker from KnowWare
10/8 Free Sample and Brochures from Metabolic Nutrition Systems (1-800)
10/8 Free Stuff from Nature's Plus Vitamins
10/8 Free Watkins Catalog from Marie
10/7 Contest - CybeRollo Treasure Hunt Win a $2500 Pendant (one entry per phase)
10/7 Free Malibu Rum Wallpaper, Icons, Fonts and Screensaver
10/7 Free B Old El Paso Mousepad (foodservice only?)
10/7 Contest - Win Handmade Soap at Kim's Handmade Soap
10/7 Free Mousepad from Sandia Snorkel and Scuba (LSASE)
10/7 Contest - Win A Trip to Las Vegas (10/20)
10/7 Free CRS Mousepad (to the first 2000)
10/7 Free Sample Wrench Force Chain Lube
10/7 Still Valid - Free Waterbed Conditoner and Catalog
10/7 Beanie Baby Contest Links
10/7 Updated Link - Free Pain Relief Spray
10/7 Free Copy of Health Inovations Magazine
10/7 Free Laboratory Medicine Booklets
10/7 Free Medical Wall Charts
10/7 Free Gift from Universal World Church
10/7 Free Lentil & Pea Soup Spice Pack
10/7 Free Demo CD-Rom from American Fundware for Your Organization
10/7 Free Coffee Mug for Teachers (submit success story)
10/7 WebMaster Freebie - Free Sub-Domain Name Redirect Service
10/7 Free Autumn Screensavers and Wallpaper from Little Debbie®
10/7 Still Valid - Free Sample Creme Savers Lifesaver
10/7 October Rebates at Walgreens
10/7 Join Our "Primo" Freebies Announcement List
10/6 Freedom Fighters Income Generating Info
10/6 Free $10.00 Calling Card
10/6 Free AST Sports Science Supplement Guide and Sample
10/6 Free T-Shirt for WebMasters (must post banner)
10/6 Free E-Mail accout at
10/6 Free Computerized Embroidery Sample
10/6 Free Motel 6 Directory of 770 Motel 6 Locations
10/6 Free Travel Videos from International Nature & Cultural Adventures
10/6 Free Audio Tape from Persuasive Communications "12 Great Sales Tips"
10/6 Free Song Sampler For Worship Leaders
10/6 Glade Plug-Ins Money Saving Coupon
10/6 Free Y2K OK Nameplate for Businesses
10/6 Free CD-Rom from American Digital Cartography
10/6 Still Valid - Free Vitamin Supplement Samples at Alacer
10/6 Free 2 Issue Subscription to the Pay Day News
10/6 Free Copy of DVEreview Monthly (digital video editing)
10/6 Sign Guestbook for a Free 1999 Purina Calendar
10/6 Free Catalogs from Ram Graphics SpiritWear
10/6 Free Medical ID and Information Card (create online and print out)
10/6 Lots of Free Brochures from State Farm Ins.
10/6 Free Poster from Sun Industries
10/6 Weekly Contest - Win A T-shirt ot Teeny Beanie from Planet Kaua'i
10/6 Free Electronics Symbols Handbook and Course Catalog from Cleveland Institute of Electronics
10/6 Still Valid - Free Sample Fragrance Wick from Scents Plus
10/6 Free Demo Cd-Rom Label Suite and Label Express from NICE
10/6 Anteris Research Free Shaker and the 9 Supplements Below
10/6 Free Sample Creatine Powder
10/6 Free Sample SoyaPro Protein Powder
10/6 Free Sample Glutamine Supplement
10/6 Free Sample CarbPRO Recovery Complex
10/6 Free Sample Carnitine Thermo Fat Burner
10/6 Free Sample WheyPro Isolate Complex (Protein Powder)
10/6 Free Sample MealPro Meal Replacement Powder
10/6 Free Sample Energizer Supplement
10/6 Free Nutritional Supplement PC Choline
10/6 Contest - Win a Case of Salad Dressing for Your Recipe from Morgan's Dressings (monthly)
10/6 Free Lake Tahoe Travel or Wedding & Honeymoon Planner
10/6 Online Freebie - Print Out Your Own CD Covers at Get It Covered
10/6 Free Family Point Web Pages, Chat, Calendar
10/6 Free E-Newsletter for the College Bound High School Student and Printable Planner
10/6 Free Demo CD-Rom "Structural Material Manager" (businesses only)
10/5 Free Sample Packet "Vitalyze" Nutritional Supplement
10/5 Free Gift from Scott Swimming Pools (fill out survey)
10/5 Free Gift from US Data Source (businesses only)
10/5 Free Magnetic Memo Holder from Holland
10/5 Contest - Win A Years Supply of M&M's! (10/30)
10/5 Free T-Shirt from AT&T Worldnet
10/5 Free Sample Hammermill Color Copy Paper from OFS
10/5 Online Freebie - Halloween Fun for Kids from Kid's Domain
10/5 New Brochures at Reynolds Kitchens
10/5 New Sample Products at DHC Skin Care
10/5 Still Valid - Free Web Guide "The in Hand Directory"
10/5 Free Subscription for Teachers and up to 50 Students "The Wild Ones"
10/5 Monthly Contest - Win a Tote Bag at Dog-O-Gram (daily entry)
10/5 Free 11" x 17" chart of the Standard & Poors 500 (outide of usa - s/h applies)
10/5 Free Deck of Playing Cards from UFC
10/5 Free .5 meg Homepage at 123 Free Homepages
10/5 10 Free Racing Address Labels from CFR
10/5 Free Business Cards from John's Sponsoring Tools
10/5 Contest - Win an iMac Computer
10/5 Free Sample "Pocket Peelers" FundRaising Card (click contact)
10/5 Free Demo CD-Rom from Internet Devices
10/5 Free Downloadable Petz Shop Demos
10/5 Free Breast Self-Exam Shower Card
10/5 FYI - Be a Writer For Shoebox Greetings (Hallmark)
10/5 Free Sign Up With "My Points" and Earn Free Gifts
10/5 Free Sign Up With ProLaunch and Earn Free Gifts
10/5 Visit Our Wonderful Contest Sponsor Smarter Living for Free Customized Internet Travel Specials
10/5 Enter Our Monthly Contest! (enter daily :)
10/5 Free Catalogs from Sears
10/5 Free Catalog from National Safety Equipment Outlet

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