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11/9 Free Caricature from I Can Draw You
11/9 Free Accolade Design Automation Evaluation CD-Rom
11/9 Free CD-Rom from Danish Hydraulic Institute (must qualify)
11/9 Contest - Weekly Gourmet Scavenger Hunt from Homesick Gourmet
11/9 Webmaster Freebie - Free Countdown Buttons For Your Website
11/9 Free Screensaver "The Christmas Snowflake"
11/9 Updated Link - Free MCI Phone Card from
11/9 Free Photo Scan (LSASE)
11/9 Free Booklet on Water Contaminants from Suburban Water Testing
11/9 Free Diamond Compound Poster
11/9 Free SKC Comprehensive Catalog and Air Sampling Guide
11/9 Request Info and Sample from Leo's Lettering and Striping
11/9 Free Oak Bay Marine Group Resort Video
11/9 Free Internet Access from NetZero
11/9 Free Sample Packets Seed from Central Ohio Seed Testing
11/9 Online Freebie - Entertaining Ideas for Thanksgiving from Honeysuckle White Turkey
11/9 Free Screensavers at BLC Creations
11/9 Demo Cd-Rom from Soft/Export Software
11/9 Join TGI Friday's® Frequent Friday's® Program for Free Stuff
11/9 Free Sample Copy Presbyterians Today Magazine
11/9 Free Sample "Elige" Fragrance
11/9 Free Sample from Gum Technology (qualified industy professionals only)
11/9 Free Sleepless Nights Recording Studios Demo Tape
11/9 Free Demo Disk of Counseling Software from Maret Systems
11/9 Free Herb Catalog and Contest - Win a Butterfly Garden (sign guestbook)
11/9 Contest - Daily Giveeaway Win SegaSofts "Plane Crazy" (usa/canada 11/25)
11/9 New Expiration Date 1/15 - Enfamil Family Beginnings Free Formula to Expectant Parents
11/9 Free Sample of Conlic® Herbal Dairy Feed
11/9 Free Trojan Condom
11/9 Free Durex Condom
11/9 Lots of Free Stuff for Teachers at TeachFree
11/9 Free "Love At Home" Family Course from Institute for Ethical Behavior for At Risk Teens
11/9 Tons of Free Screensavers including "STS-95 Crew" from NASA at T&P
11/9 Free Sample Identification Products for Harsh Environments from Express
11/9 Still Valid - Free ND-3 Cleaner
11/9 Contest - Win a KitchenAid Apron (weekly)
11/9 Free Samples from Reforestation Technologies International for Qualified Businesses
11/8 Free Sample and Contest - Dichos Smart Cookie (1-800)
11/8 Print Out an 8x10 Portrait Gift Certificate from Olan Mills
11/8 Lots of Free Financial & Legal Brochures, Newsletters and Booklets from Donor Communications
11/8 EweWallcoverings Free Colorway Sample
11/8 Contest - Win a Ski Weekend for Two
11/8 Free Sample "Spectra-Wal ClayStone"
11/8 Free Compuserve Start Up Kit and 100 Free Hours
11/8 Free Trial Payroll Disk
11/8 Free Veneer Sample from Patella
11/8 Free Samples from Ticket Craft Inc.
11/8 Free Gift from Anzemet®(dolasetron mesylate injection/tablets)
11/8 Contest - Win a Trip to Cancun (12/31)
11/8 Free Sample from Yoma Textiles
11/8 Free Catalog and Label Card Samples from Arthur Blank & Co.
11/8 Free Set of Name/Address Labels from PrintGroup USA
11/8 Free Brochures, Videos and Samples at Indigo Digital Printing
11/8 Free Cd-Rom with Netscape Communicator PRO and Free Month of Internet Access
11/8 Free Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? Teacher's Guide
11/8 Free Sticker from Mindwerx Syndicate (LSASE)
11/8 Still valid - Free "LearnIT" Cd-Rom and Monthly Contest
11/8 Still Valid - Free Sample Pain Relief Spray
11/7 Free Teletutor Course Library CD-Rom
11/7 Free Bird Chart at Wild Bird Center
11/7 Clint Black Sweepstakes - Win 1 of 5 Chevy Trucks (11/13, usa only)
11/7 Free Spot Process Demo Cd-Rom (demonstrates Freehand's Plug-in)
11/7 Free Issue Canine Images Magazine
11/7 Free Message Board and Chat Room, Create your own Free Forum
11/7 Free Sample Copy of EarthLight Magazine
11/7 Free Brochures from Toyota (go to mailing list)
11/7 Free Commodity Futures "How-To" Kit and Video
11/7 Free Sample Folder of Plastic Cards From Forms America
11/7 Join the Tide Mailing List for Information and Promotional Samples
11/7 Free Sample Wedding Invitations at Cords Creations
11/7 Free Mail Order Catalogs for International Consumers
11/7 Visit Our Sponsor E-Toys!
11/7 Contest - Win $1000 Worth of Steaks at Omaha Steaks
11/7 Free Catalog from Spices, Etc.
11/7 Still Valid - Free Download of Sweep-It Sweepstakes Reminder Program
11/7 Lots of Bookmarks and Brochures at Midwest Dermatology Clinic. P.C.
11/7 Enter Our Daily Contest - Win a Ty Attic Bear from Bows by George
11/7 Can't Find it Here? Try The Freebie Jungle! (I'm convinced its run by angels!)
11/7 Free Video from Sharp's Pocket Computers and Pygmy's Advantage
11/7 Lots of Online Freebies from Sears "Wee Little Web"
11/7 Webmaster Freebie - Online ColorMaker
11/7 Free Magazine Subscription for Law Enforcement Officers
11/7 Free Golden Pages Telephone Directory (NY Metro only)
11/6 Free Sample Super Lysine Plus Cream
11/6 Still Valid - Free Iron-On Transfer Paper for T-Shirts
11/6 Online Game - Seinfeld Trivia Contest at Cool Savings (win a pen if you answer correctly)
11/6 Free Catalog from The Nut Factory
11/6 Online Info and Recipes from The National Turkey Federation
11/6 Contest - Escape To Jamaica (12/31)
11/6 Free Nature Scene Screensavers or Video Tape from Zion Industries
11/6 Free Media Samples from Sentinel Imaging - Design Inkjet Media
11/6 Free Bumper Sticker, Pen or Magnet for Survey Registration at Route23
11/6 Free Sample Cabinet Hardware from Bainbridge
11/6 Savings, Rebates and Samples at ValuPage
11/6 Free Copy "America's Favorite Pear Recipes from America's Favorite Chefs" (LSASE)
11/6 >Free Information Audio Tape from Royal Bodycare
11/6 Still Valid - Free Stanley's Surf Gear Stickers (LSASE)
11/6 Free Gardening Catalog from Stark Brothers
11/6 Instant Win Contest - Everyone Wins a Screensaver or Mousepad at PrimeCo
11/6 Free Copy of U.S. Education Journal
11/6 Free Copy NewHome Builders Magazine
11/6 Four Free Trial Issues of US News
11/6 Free Video and Brochure Packet from KraftMaid Cabinetry
11/6 Free CD-Rom from BayStack Cascadable Switches
11/6 Contest - Win a Giant Christmas Stocking (usa only 12/6)
11/6 Free Copy of Graphic Design and Print Buying Guide
11/6 Contest - Win a $25 Natural Body Bar Shopping Spree (monthly)
11/6 Free Copy of "The Fine Arts Trader"
11/6 Free Subscription to Computer User (mid-Atlantic area business users only)
11/6 Free Sample Fragrance from Tova - Beverly Hills
11/6 Free Web Page and Banner Maker at Zy.Web
11/6 Contest - Win a Motorola StarTac 6500 Wearable Cellular Phone
11/6 Free Sample Spot-X Hard Water Stain Spot Remover
11/6 Free Stickers at Trifty Scrapper (LSASE)
11/6 Free Milk Mustache Trading Cards
11/6 Free Coffee Mug for Teachers from Ballard & Tighe
11/6 Free Sample from Decal Techniques (businesses only)
11/6 Online Freebie - Crochet Afgan Patterns to Download
11/6 Free Screen Saver from Snickers Euro 2000
11/6 Free Product Swatches and SAmples from WallQuest
11/6 Free Software and Poster (request on form) from GlobeTrotter
11/5 Free Consumer Safety Videos from UL
11/5 Free Samples from United States Supply Co
11/5 Free Transcript Reduction and Indexing Demo Package
11/5 Free Purina Cat Chow 1999 Celebrity Cat Calendar
11/5 Free Chocolate Coins from Maui (LSASE)
11/5 Free Cd-Rom Demo from ArtCam Pro Engraving Machine
11/5 Free Newsletter /Coupons "Fresh Chicken Solutions from Tyson Holly Farms"
11/5 Free Essential Oil Blends Audio Tape
11/5 Free Issue of Common Sense Parenting®
11/5 Free Herbal Supplement from Eclectic
11/5 Still Valid - Free US Navy Seal Poster
11/5 Free Catalog and Sample Wedding Invitations from Rexcraft
11/5 Free Mousepad for Lawyers from Jilio & Associates
11/5 Free sample HT+400 Diet Supplement
11/5 Free Purina Treats for Your Pets (usa only)
11/5 Free Sample Issue of "Andrews' Tobacco Industry Litigation Reporter"
11/5 Todays Contest - Enter To Win "Pinky the Flamingo" Beanie Baby
11/5 Free Sample "Grandma's K-9 Crunchies"
11/5 Free Sample Magic-Joy Tanning-Lotions
11/5 ProLaunch Free Gift Certificates - Join Free, New Services
11/5 Free Book "Death To Reach A Star"
11/5 Free Sample from Metabolic Nutrition Systems (1-800)
11/5 Free Sample Dog Food from PHD Perfect Health Diet
11/5 Contest - Win a Laptop Computer(12/31)
11/5 Free Samples from Heyco (molded, stamped components)
11/5 Free Helpful Magazine and Info for MLM's
11/4 Even More Free Catalogs w/International Section at CatalogLink
11/4 Free MCI 15 Minute Phone Card When You Register With
11/4 Contest - Weekly Contest at The Jackie Chan Video Vault (usa only)
11/4 Free Family Tree Chart from Know and Show It All (LSASE)
11/4 Free Sample "Peak Performance" Nutritional Supplement (LSASE)
11/4 Contest - Liz Claiborne Holiday Sweepstakes (12/1 usa only)
11/4 From InfoMasters - One Free Texas Criminal Search ( State-wide)
11/4 Free Stuff from The "Doormats" Band
11/4 Contest - Win a Trip to Jamaica (12/31)
11/4 Contest - Win Candles at Candledance (monthly)
11/4 Hundreds of Free Catalogs!
11/4 Free Stuff from Mastery Technologies
11/4 Free Vermont Public Radio Bumper Sticker (LSASE)
11/4 Free "Hot Coin List" and One Year Subscription to "The Austin Report"
11/4 Free Recipes and Coupons from Mori-Nu
11/4 Free Demo CD "Before and After Mastering"
11/4 Free Sample at LithoArts Printing Service
11/4 Lots of Free Financial Info Booklets from Aid Association for Lutherans
11/4 Instant Contest - Lycos Fast and Easy Sweepstakes
11/4 Free Gift and Catalog from Block and Company (bank and cashier supplies)
11/4 Free Trial Offer "The Scholarship Book"
11/4 Free Patrick Spielman's New Scroll Saw Pattern Catalog
11/4 Free Filmcamp CD-Rom or Brochure
Please Vote For "Your Daily Freebies" in Sopranos Top 25
11/4 Instant Win Contest - Win a Phonecard from HoopCity
11/4 Free Pear Educator Kit for Teachers and School Food Service (mail in)
11/4 Free Catalog from Jax Gift Korner
11/4 New Free Dental Videos at Micro Dental Laboratories
11/4 Contest - "Full House" Sweepstakes - Win Maid Service for a Year (one entry, 12/31)
11/4 Free Cd-Rom from The AV Image Family
11/4 Contest - Win a Giant Soccer Ball, Christmas Tree, Dress or Mugs (11/24)
11/4 $2.00 off Payless Shoe Store Coupon - New Expiration of 1/31/99
11/4 Monthly Rebates at Rite Aid Drugstores
11/4 Rebate Club at Walgreens Drugstore
11/4 Promote Your Site With WebCards Free Sample
11/3 Rhodes Dough Recipe Booklet
11/3 Still Valid - Free Sample of Shipibo Treasure Tea
11/3 Free Rosina Meatballs for Your Recipe
11/3 Holiday Cash Sweepstakes (12/31)
11/3 Free Coupon for Wilderness Breakfast Toppers
11/3 Free Surf Monkey Kids Browser CD-Rom
11/3 Free Sample Faccia Domani's All Day Moisturizer
11/3 Free Fiberglass or Concrete Cooling Tower Videos from Tower Tech
11/3 Contest - Win a Vacation in Maui
11/3 Rebate Form for Free Marcal Towels (mail in)
11/3 Free Sample Vital-18 Weight Loss Product
11/3 Lots of Free Offers and Sweepstakes from Our Sponsors
11/3 Free Magazine from Healthy Choice
11/3 Free Copies of Foundation Press Casebooks and Textbooks for Teachers
11/3 Still Valid - Free Spanish Study Guide, Poster, Bookmark and Catalog from Twin Sisters
11/3 Online Freebie - Download New Craft Pattern Leaflets at Coats Patons
11/3 Free Demo CD-Rom from Bytes of Learning Software
11/3 Free Bottle of Debacterol for Health Care Professionals ("For Professional Use Only" )
11/3 Free Samples for Medical Professionals and Offices
11/3 Free Trade Publications (must qualify)
11/3 Free Natures Mist® 2-ounce Personal Size Sample
11/3 Contest - Daily Giveaway from Free Spirit Jeans (11/30)
11/3 Contest - Win a Complete Set of Stuff 2000 Merchandise (monthly)
11/3 Still Valid - Free Samples from Gale Hayman Cosmetics
11/3 Free Video from UE Ultrsound Systems
11/3 Free Catalog and Project Sheets from Enterprise Art
11/3 Free Sample Magnetic Business Card Calendar (mail in)
11/3 Daily Giveaway - Todays Prize - Beanie Baby - Strut the Rooster
11/3 Free Instructional Videotape - The Options Tool
11/3 Free Copy of "Golden Entertaining Ideas" Recipe Booklet from DelMonte
11/3 Free Copy of Outlook 1998-Logical Economics and info on Broker Assisted System Trading

Todays Freebies 1,   2,   3,   4,   5,  
6,   7,   8,   9   10  
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