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1/11 - 1/17, 1999

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1/17 Free Trial Offers and Downloads from Corel
1/17 Free GoodNites Disposable Underpants and Coupon
1/17 Free Sample from California Concept Skin Care
1/17 Free Education and Safety Brochures from State Farm
1/17 Free Permatex Sample Pack
1/17 Coupons and Discounts from Sue Bee Honey
1/17 Free Gift From Arm & Hammer
1/17 Register for Samples from Clinique
1/17 Free E-Mail at iName and $10 Music Blvd. Coupon
1/17 Free Beaded Necklace from Buffalo Trails
1/17 Free Gift from Omicron Investment Information Centre
1/17 Free Bare Botanical Soap Sample
1/17 Free Copy of Religion in the Public Schools
1/17 Free Seattle Filmworks Film from Hot Coupons
1/17 New Coupons and Free Offer at Kramer Laboratories
1/17 Skin Therapy Center - Register for Free Products
1/17 Free Sample Ink Jet Paper
1/17 Free Sample Garden of Sweets Herbal Drops
1/17 Free Gift from Medpad
1/17 Free Book from Zion Bible Institute
1/17 Contest - Win Coffee from Groveland Hill Roasters (monthly)
1/17 Free Offers (Asthma, Diabetes, an Ostomy, or are Incontinent) from Everything Medical
1/17 Still Valid - Free CD Case from Digital Document Systems, Inc
1/17 Free Sermon Tapes from Midland Baptist Church
1/17 Reading Rewards Program - Collect Libby's Juicy Juice Points For Free Books
1/17 Enter Our Weekly Contest To Win Beanie Babies! (if the form isn't working please e-mail us the answers with your name/e-mail address)
1/16 Free Health Video and Audio Tapes from Better Health USA
1/16 Free Online Personalized Astrology Chart
1/16 Free Sample Lip-Pro "The Original Lip Balm with Sunscreens"
1/16 Still Valid - Free Kids Gift from K-Mart (the elves now make birthday toys :)
1/16 Free Audio Tape from Cell Tech (business opportunity and the scientific aspects of products)
1/16 New $10 Music Blvd $10 Coupon (expires 3/31)
1/16 Free Tower Tech Cooling Tower Video
1/16 Free DTx Multimedia CD-Rom Demo
1/16 Free Brochure "Awesome Oats! Delicious Recipes For Celebrating Oatmeal Month"
1/16 Free Birthday Party Guide From Wilton
1/16 Contest - Monthly Drawing from Hormel Corp.- Win a P-220 Airpot
1/16 Free Brochures from The Reynolds Kitchens
1/16 Free Wedding Planner CD-Rom
1/16 Contest - Win a Trip to Orlando
1/16 Free WG's Technology Posters
1/16 Free Sample Nutritional Product from Juven (prevents muscle loss)
1/16 Free Product Samples from Samtec
1/16 Contest - OfficeMax Sweepstakes "Office Giveaway" (1/31)
1/16 Join the Consumer Panel to Earn Money, Products and Prizes
1/16 Contest - Win a Software Shopping Spree at E.Toys
1/16 Still Valid - Free Chlorine Chemistry Council® 1999 Calendar
1/16 Contest - H&R Block Premium's "You Play, We Pay Your Taxes" Sweepstakes!
1/16 Updated Link - Free Samples of Stationery
1/16 Rebate Form for Free Rosina Basketball or Rosina Soccer Ball
1/16 Free Bookmark and Job Applicant Screening Software
1/15 3 Free Demo CD-Roms from
1/15 Free Idaho Potato Microwave Cookbook (LSASE)
1/15 Print Out Coupons for Domino's Pizza
1/15 Free Sticker from Ragin Raven
1/15 Still Valid - Free Breathe Right Nasal Strips
1/15 Contest - Win a One Carat Total Weight Orleans Counterfeit Diamond Pendant (monthly)
1/15 Free Makeup Samples ("the size of a pea") From Ben Nye
1/15 Free HW Wilson Database Sampler CD-Rom
1/15 Free Booklet - Keeping Youth Drug Free: A Guide for Parents, Grandparents, Elders, Mentors, and Other Caregivers
1/15 Free Glow in The Dark Nail Polish
1/15 Contest - Win a Childs Robe from Réginalde (monthly)
1/15 Instant Contest - Motts Shake the Tree IV
1/15 Free ECS T-shirt or Mousepad
1/15 Contests - Win a Rush Limbaugh Hometown T-Shirt (monthly)
1/15 Another Rush Limbaugh Contest - Win a Limited Edition Commemorative Stein
1/15 Online Freebie - Send a Blooming Roses E-Mail Postcard
1/15 Free Sample and Info Kit on LiverKleen Toxic Defense
1/15 Free Sample PC Choline Natural Apple-Cinnamon Flavor
1/15 Free Sample CarbPRO Recovery Complex & More Samples (click the product name in sidebar)
1/15 Contest - Win a MediaGo 780 Pro Notebook Computer from Wall Street Connection (3/1)
1/15 Free "Eggs Across America" Recipe Leaflet
1/15 Still Valid - Free Mehndi Temporary Tattoo (LSASE)
1/15 Webmaster Freebie - Free Delphi Message Board
1/15 Free Program Materials for Teachers from Healthy Hands.Healthy Kids
1/15 Free Station Listings, Does God Love You Tract and the Family Radio News Sample Packet
1/15 Kitten Chow Kitten Care Club Coupons and Rebates
1/15 Palisade's Analytical PowerTools Interactive CD and Catalog
1/15 Free Fundraising "Guess a Gift" Card from Youth Quest
1/14 Free Active-VHDL Evaluation CD-Rom and "Getting Started Guide"
1/14 NicoDerm CQ® or Nicorette® Smoking Cessation Starter Kit $5 Coupon
1/14 Still Valid - Free Leather Sample from Demers Leather Sales
1/14 Free Stuff from My Sponsors
1/14 Online Freebie - Lots of New Knitting Patterns to Download
1/14 Free Tooling Poster from ElizaTips
1/14 Free Intersights Eyeglass/Sunglass Cleaning Cloth
1/14 FYI - Do-it-yourself: Stop Junk Mail, Email and Phone Calls
1/14 Contest - Win a Gas Grill from IronWorks (1/31)
1/14 Online Freebie - 101 Free Online Christian Magazines
1/14 Receive a free Sharp Memo Master Organizer with a Point Of Sale Demo & Other Sharp Rebates
1/14 Earn Money From Cybergold - Join Free
1/14 Free 109pg Vacation Planner " The Islands of Aloha"
1/14 Free Industrial Cleaning Videos from New Pig
1/14 Free Sample of Mama's Italian Spice
1/14 Still Valid - Free Sample Pizza Spice
1/14 Free Visa Card with 2.9% Financing (depending on the card you choose you can have the picture of your choice put on it free and earn rewards!)
1/14 Contest - Win a 17inch Multimedia Monitor (3/15)
1/14 Glamour Shots $5.00 Coupon
1/14 Contest - Raven Paintball Gear/Trauma Records Sweeps (2/20)
1/14 Contest - Win a Beanie Baby from Barry's Beanie Babies (monthly)
1/14 Contest - "Very Cherry Sweepstakes" Win a VW Beetle (5/31)
1/14 Contest - Win a Hot/Cold Pack (monthly)
1/14 Still Valid - Free Nature's Accent Shower Gel Sample
1/14 Free Bumper Sticker from
1/14 Free Sample Packettes of Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner
1/14 Clairol Haircolor Coupon
1/13 Free Samples and Offers from Clairol
1/13 Free Samples Pet Food from Spectrum (click the type you want under product info)
1/13 Free Sample (3"x4" size) Abzorb Oil Mat
1/13 Contest - ShopNow's $1 Million* Sweepstakes (5/21)
1/13 Contest - Lycos Instant Win Game
1/13 Free PowerSystems Weight Loss Product
1/13 Free Interactive Demo - Riven:The Sequel to Myst® and Coupon
1/13 Free Unlimited Membership to Funk & Wagnalls Online Multimedia Encyclopedia and Chance For 10,000
1/13 Contest - Daily $250 Gift Certificate Drawing at (2/1)
1/13 Contest - Win a Kodak Max Flash Camera (monthly)
1/13 Free Forestry Tires Video and Brochure from Firestone
1/13 Free Catalog from Country Peddler
1/13 Contest- Weekly Drawing at Win $500
1/13 Still Valid - Free Groundhog Shadow Day Poster
1/13 Contest & Free Demo Software for Teachers from Sunburst
1/13 Free Catalog and Seed Packet from Real Cool Seeds
1/13 Free Home Cholesterol Testing Kit or Smart Heart Challenge Kit
1/13 Free Sample from BullFrog Rust Remover (LSASE)
1/13 Contest - Win a Three Page Custom Designed Website and Hosting for a Year rom Silverleaf Design (2/28)
1/13 Free AmeriStrip Paint Stripper for Businesses
1/13 Lifter-1® Stain Removal Products Free Samples
1/13 Free Videos for Teachers
1/13 Free Catalog - The Urban Farming Source Book
1/13 Free Videos from Collins Knowledge Network
1/13 Free Refilled HP 26A Cartridge from National Laser Cartridge Service When You Send Two Empties
1/13 Still Valid - Vagistat Coupon and Gift Packet
1/13 Sign Up For Our Free Daily Newsletter
1/13 Free Madame Alexander Catalog from The Doll Page
1/13 Free Sample from Decorative Container Silk-Screen Printing
1/13 This Weeks ValuPage Coupons and Contests
1/12 Free Sample Pet Vitamin Supplements from Merritt Naturals
1/12 Elemis Skin and Body Care or LaTherapie Skin Care Free Sample
1/12 Free Sample Xpander Pak Packaging Material
1/12 BrainPlay Gift Certificate ($5 off any purchase of $5 or more)
1/12 Free Samples From Flavor Concepts Flavoring (click contact us)
1/12 Free Titanic Booklet
1/12 Contest - Win a BMW Z3 Roadster from (1/31)
1/12 Free Sample of Capture Carpet Cleaner
1/12 Contest - Cheerios Everyone Wins Sweepstakes
1/12 Still Valid - Sargento Movie Quiz Free Cheese Spreader and Coupon Link
1/12 Still Valid - Free Samples of Plotter/Reprographic Products
1/12 Free 1999 Calendar from Ruddle Creative
1/12 Contest - Daily Software Giveaway at 1SmartSite
1/12 Coupon for Free Kodak PhotoNet Online (print out expires 1/31)
1/12 Free Sample Bag Los Mochis Fresh Dried Tomatoes
1/12 Free Demo CD-Rom of CenterPoint
1/12 Free Trial Issue of Internet World
1/12 Free Copy of "Steps Toward Inner Peace"
1/12 Still Valid - Free Sample of Snap Glass and Plastic Lens Cleaner
1/12 Join Consumer Link for a Free 20 Minute PhoneCard
1/12 Online Freebie - Free Wallpaper & Desktop Patterns from Hallmark
1/12 Free Video "How to Plan The Perfect Wedding on a Budget"
1/12 Free Demo CD-Rom of Medley97
1/12 Olan Mills Free 8x10 Portrait Gift Certificate
1/12 Free Report - Become a Millionaire!
1/12 Updated List of Free Trade Publications
1/12 Contest - "Load Your Own 3-Door Coupe" Sweepstakes (1/27)
1/12 Free Program Download - Zing! Entertainment
1/12 Contest - Win Roses Daily Sweepstakes (1/27)
1/12 Diabetes & Travel Life Style Free Stuff
1/12 Rebate Form for Dole/Discovery Channel
1/11 Free Subscription to Teen Magazine
1/11 Free Gift from Nina's Personalized Gifts
1/11 Free Mamo's Garlic Sauce Cookbook & Recipe Contest (4/30)
1/11 Not Free - But Excellent Savings - E.Toys Clearance Sale (stuff as low as 1.00!)
1/11 Win A Mystic the Uicorn in This Weeks Contest!
1/11 Free Sample ONZE Mineral Skin Care (LSASE)
1/11 Lots of Label,Card and Form Freebies from CompuForms
1/11 Free Audio Tapes and Booklets from Canadian Perspective Ministries
1/11 Free "Automatic Golf Tips" Audio Cassette
1/11 Free Student Teacher's Survival Kit and Teacher Freebies from Flinn
1/11 Contest - Monthly Prizes at Bodies by Design
1/11 Free Iron-On Transfer Paper for T-Shirts
1/11 Free Catalog and Paper Sample from Contact Office Paper and Supplies
1/11 Free Booklet "All Vitamins Are Not Created Equal" and Health Supplement
1/11 Still Valid - Free Greeting Card from Words'N'Such
1/11 Register With Mar's Surveys to Earn Cash And Products
1/11 Contest - Win Blue's Clues Products from Sears (2/14)
1/11 Free Birthday Gift and Portrait Offer from Sears
1/11 Free Suma Ching Hai News Magazine
1/11 Still Valid - Booklet and Catalog from TouchMath
1/11 Register With Wired Insights Opinion Panel to Earn Free Gifts
1/11 Free Copy of "The Way to Happiness" by L. Ron Hubbard
1/11 Free Kids Club Patch from Herr (mail in)
1/11 Free Sample Rainbow Treasures Homemade Herbal Soap (LSASE)
1/11 Contest - Win a Joyride Snowboard and Split Clothing (2/23)
1/11 Contest - Hallmark Queen or King of Hearts Countdown
1/11 Free Transcript Reduction and Indexing Demo Package for the Litigation Support Industry

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6,   7,   8,   9   10  
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