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5/5 Contest - Win Cash and Prizes at DirectPrizes
5/5 100 Free Shares of Universal Science "Stock"
5/5 100 Free Shares Of "Stock" From Net/Biz Communications
5/5 Still Valid - Don't Miss This One! Free Mayo Clinic Complete Book of Pregnancy and Baby's First Year ($33 Value)
5/5 Free Sample Shower Gel or Smoothing Oil
5/5 Contest - Win a Case Of Bay's English Muffins (weekly)
5/5 Lots of Free Catalogs at Shop At Home
5/5 Contest - Win a Gold Bracelet at Jewelry Web (monthly)
5/5 Contest - Win $500 From Wall Street Sportsicon
5/5 Online Instant Win Game Scratch Off Ticket (1 in 225 wins)
5/5 Free Bandana From Scientific Brake and Equipment Co.
5/5 Contest - Rubbermaid Ready For The Move Sweepstakes (5/15)
5/5 Free MonsterBook Web Directory
5/5 Still Valid - Free Bumpersticker from Williamsburg Shopping
5/5 Free Stickers from Ratsy (LSASE)
5/5 Free Booklet "Answers To Life By" from Real Life Drama Ministries
5/5 Free "The Inside Story" Video from IAS Performer Shocks
5/5 Free Sticker from Ragin' Goodies
5/5 Free Sparkydog/Universal Fuzz Device Sticker
5/5 Contest - Win a Trip To Claude Monet's Garden in Giverny (5/16)
5/5 Free Liquid Ski Wax from Liquid Speed
5/5 Free Plastic Hardware to Manufacturers and Retailers from Bainbridge
5/5 Lots Of New Discounts and Savings at Cool Savings
5/5 Still Valid - Free 18oz Box of Purina Kitten Chow and Pet Life Magazine
5/5 Free Birthday Gift for Children 16 and Under from Pook's Corner
5/5 Free Safety Conversion Kit for Ruger Single-Six, Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk, or Bearcat Revolvers
5/5 Free Weight Loss Supplement
5/5 Free Trial Issue of Atlantic Monthly
5/5 Contest - New Contests at Alloy Online
5/5 New MoneyMaking Opps At Cybergold
5/5 Free Booklet - "Living Water - The Gospel of John"
5/4 Still Valid - Free Greeting Card from Sparks.comicon
5/4 Good Deal - Hunting & Fishing Book and Handyman Multi-Utility Tool ($2.99 Shipping )icon
5/4 Choice Of Free Samples from 303 Products
5/4 Free Sample Health Supplements from American Emporium (lots of samples on reply form, too)
5/4 Free Stickers from Dr. Mott's Wax
5/4 Free Paper Sample from CTI Paper
5/4 Free Film from Mystic Color Lab
5/4 Tons of Free Maps and Travel Literature at Best Western
5/4 Lots of New Free Newsletters Added to NewslettersForFree
5/4 Free Sample Xpander Pak Shipping Package
5/4 Free Designated Driver Video, Freebies from State Farm Insurance Agents/Offices (Also Click Brochures)
5/4 Free Stokes Grower's Guide/Catalog
5/4 Not Quite Free - T-Shirt Giveaway (you pay $3.95 p/h)
5/4 Online Freebie - Free Screen Savers Including "Mom's Day"
5/4 Online Freebie - Tons of Craft Project Patterns
5/4 Free Online Credit Report
5/4 Free Catalog and Decal from Culprit Fishing Lures
5/4 Free Surf Monkey CD-Rom (kids web browser)
5/4 This Weeks Free Offers at Free Shopicon
5/4 NetGrocer $20 gift certificate with your first order of $25 or more (first time customers 7/12)
5/4 Free Fort Lauderdale Vacation Planner
5/4 Free Travel Brochures from Tennessee Tourism
5/4 Free Douglas Fir Seeds, Magnets and Bookmark from JoAnn Ross (LSASE)
5/4 Printable Rebate Form for Beech Nut Baby Food (9/30)
5/4 Still Valid - Free Sample Dove Soap
5/4 Free Gift from Cigar Bank
5/4 Contest - Chevy Malibu Sweepstakes (5/15)
5/4 Contest - Win "The Visual Dictionary" by Cambrix Publishing (5/7)
5/4 Contest - Win a Copy of Boss Rally (5/25)
5/4 Contest - Win a Ty 99 Signature Bear from Krystles Kastle (6/30)
5/3 Free Gift from "Teeter Tots" Baby Club
5/3 Contest and Printable Coupon - "Rank-it Music Challenge" (monthly)
5/3 Free Countdown to Six Billion Wall Chart for Teachers
5/3 Free T-Shirt from Beach Winds - SASE???
5/3 Free Stuff from Owens/Corning
5/3 Still Valid - Free Groovy Stuff from Sticky Planet
5/3 Contest - Win 1,000 Long Stemmed Roses & CD's (5/8)
5/3 Register for Free Samples Start Sampling
5/3 Free Issue of Nordic News Cross Country Skiing Magazine
5/3 Free Video or CD-rom Catalog from Teclab (Technical Furniture)
5/3 Still Valid - Free T-shirt from Teclab (answer quiz)
5/3 Free Sample Packet of Spade L Ranch Beef Seasoning (LSASE)
5/3 Contest - Daily Beanie Baby Giveaway at Beanie World
5/3 Contest - Collecticritters Giveaway from Beanie World (6/30)
5/3 Free Download of Sweep Version 1.3 and Beanie Baby Contest
5/3 Please Visit This Weeks Sponsor - Hickory Farms (free catalogs, contest)
5/3 Free Samples, Video, Brochures from Indigo Printing
5/3 New Games and Prizes at Speedy Click
5/3 Free "More Adventures With Scruff" Comic and Activity Book and Catalog
5/3 Contest - Win a Trip To Cancun (5/7)
5/3 Free Fan Club Pack from The Official A.D.A.M. Fan Club
5/3 Free Exercise and Nutrition Informational Newsletter from
5/3 Free Sample of California Blackworms from Aquatic Foods (print out coupon)
5/3 Lots of Free Sample Patient Brochures For Medical Professionals
5/3 Contest - iMac Sweepstakes (5/13)
5/2 Free Hard or Soft Top Mousepad
5/2 Free Smoked Seafood Cookbook (scroll to bottom)
5/2 FYI - National Association of Unclaimed Property - Search by State
5/2 Free CPE Campus Demo CD-Rom and Contests from Bisk
5/2 Save Over $30 With This Weeks Grocery Coupons
5/2 Lenscrafter Coupons and Free Trial Contact Lenses
5/2 Free Books from Mission Maine with Luis Palau
5/2 Contest - MGM Television Spring 1999 DVD Sweepstakes (5/30)
5/2 Free Tracking and Recognition Forms for Teachers
5/2 Free Nature Screen Saver Disk and "Productivity Plus" Videotape
5/2 Free Diet Assessment & Newsletter from Practical Programs
5/2 Free Sample Sphag Sorb Lightweight Absorbent
5/2 Give Back Time - So Little Can Help So Much - Create a Card for Cards for Kids
5/2 Free Personalized Address Labels from PetLabels
5/2 CD Now Coupon - $10.00 Discount on Orders Over $14.99 (expires 5/5)
5/2 Free Biopunch® and Ear Currette (medical facilities and distributors only)
5/2 Free Video from Select Comfort Air Bed
5/2 Free Earrings from Planetude One
5/2 Contests and Freebies From My Sponsors
5/2 Contest - Win A Psychic Reading (weekly)
5/2 Free Discovery Series Resources Brochure
5/2 Still Valid - Teacher Freebies at Leafy Grees Council (book covers, trading cards, brochures and posters)
5/2 Just For Fun - Transformation of English Letters to Hieroglyphic
5/2 Register for 25% Off Your First Purchase from
5/2 Free Catalogs for May
5/2 Free Koko Poster from The Gorilla Foundation
5/1 Free Sample Enfuselle Skin Cream
5/1 Free Trial Nasonex Allergy Nasal Spray (Dr. Signature Required)
5/1 Still Valid - Free 1 Year Subscription to Men's Fitness Magazine
5/1 Still Valid - Free 1 Year Subscription to Shape Magazine
5/1 Free Issue of Animals Exotic and Small Magazine
5/1 Contest - ZAP (Zoner Award Points) Game - Earn Points for Prizes
5/1 Contests - Win $500 or 1 Of 1000 T-shirts from
5/1 Free Catalog from Victorian Trading Company icon
5/1 Free Sample Issue of American Drag News
5/1 Free GripStrip 44" Wrap to Businesses
5/1 Free Recreational Fishing Alliance Emblem
5/1 Contest - Win a PF1500 Pager from OfficeMax (5/16)
5/1 Free Copy of Children of the Holocaust Resource Catalog
5/1 Still Valid - Free Henna Mehndi Temporary Tattoo (LSASE)
5/1 Free Subscription to Appetize Magazine from Uncle Ben's®
5/1 Printable Coupon for Free Film Processing
5/1 Free Clif Kicks Stickers
5/1 Lots Of Free Catalogs from Free Shopicon
5/1 Free CareerTrack® Seminars and Training Products Catalogicon
5/1 Free Stuff from Coleman's Kid Club
5/1 Free Sample CD Case (commercial users only)
5/1 Rebate Offer - Free Rosina Basketball or Rosina Soccer Ball (print out)
5/1 Free Bumper Stickers from Citizens for a Sound Economy
4/30 Free Stickers from "Please" (LSASE)
4/30 Online Freebie - Door-to-Door and City-to-City Driving Directions from MapQuest
4/30 Free Samples to Businesses from Kamen Wiping Materials
4/30 Still Valid - Free Stuff From Botanicals West
4/30 Still Valid - Sign Up With AllAdvantage and Earn Cash For Being Online
4/30 $5.00 Music Blvd Coupon (expires 10/7/00)
4/30 Rite Aid Drugstore Single Check Rebates
4/30 Up to 5 Free Posters/Stickers from D'Addario/Evans/Vandoren
4/30 $10 Coupon from (Minimum $25.00 Order, code: REELSAVINGS10 , expires 5/31)
4/30 Free Journal from Academic Press
4/30 Free Arrid ® XX ® Ultra Clear Sample
4/30 Free T-Shirt from
4/30 Free $10.00 Coupon to (no minimum order, p/h apply expires 6/30)
4/30 Free CD From The Band "Cellophane"
4/30 Free Sample Easy Grow
4/30 Free ColorMoist Lipstick from Oil of Olay (write in)
4/30 Still Valid - Free Samples at Free Style Promotions
4/30 Free Copy Of "The Real Estate Book" Your Choice Of Cities
4/30 Contest - Eureka Springs Sweet Escape Contest (10/30)
4/30 Contest - Win a "#1 Mom" Heart Pendant (5/7)
4/30 Free Book "Hard Choices for Loving People"
4/30 $10.00 Online Coupon to BigStar
4/30 Contest - Win One of 150 T-Shirts Daily at APC (5/31)
4/30 Free Stickers from Teenz World Online (LSASE)
4/30 Free Sample from Harmon Corp. (line of protective and decorative caps, grips, plugs and tapes)
4/30 Free Card and Bumper Sticker from Live Aloha (LSASE)
4/30 Lots of Freebies from Arkansas Dept. of Tourism
4/30 Contest - Win a Custom Made Jacket from Stewart & Strauss (monthly)
4/30 Free Wallet Size Calendar Card
4/30 Free Sample OmakBrand Acne Cream (LSASE)
4/30 Enter Our Contests - Great Prizes
4/30 Contest - Win Cigars At The Smoke Shop (monthly)
4/30 H.O.T. Coupons - View By Stateicon
4/30 Free WiseSkills Information Packet
4/30 Contest - HP InkJet Printer (4/30) and Free Info/CD-rom

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