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3/29 -4/5

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Updated Throughout The Day - Everyday!
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4/5 New Freebies For 4/5/99
4/4 New Freebies For 4/4/99
4/3 New Freebies For 4/3/99
4/2 Free 5 Day Trial of Oxyfresh Energy and Weight Formula
4/2 Free Recipe Brochures from The American Heart Association
4/2 Free Subscription to Silicon Videogame Magazine
4/2 Contest - Win Cigars At The Smoke Shop (monthly)
4/2 Free Catalog at dELiA*s
4/2 Peak and Sierra Antifreeze Printable Rebate Form (7/10)
4/2 Free Franklin Learning Resources Video
4/2 Free Franklin Learning Resources Poster
4/2 Free Nutrition Bar, Free Vitamins, & Free Video "The Essential Secret" From Botanical West
4/2 Free Customer Testimonial Video from Avid
4/2 Free ispEXPERT Starter CD-Rom
4/2 Free Dating Guidebook from Together
4/2 Still Valid - Free Sample Pearl Drops
4/2 Free Mousepad From Heartland Funds
4/2 Online Freebie - Maxine Screensaver from Hallmark
4/2 Free Dealer Catalog and Sample Cat Bookmark from Sydney Hauser Co.
4/2 Mastercard Hot Deals
4/2 Instant Win Contest - "Scratch It Rich" Win up to $250,000 Instantly and 120,000 other prizes
4/2 Brainplay 10% Off Certificate and Contest (4/13)
4/2 Good Deal - Free First Aid Kit ($25 Value) With First Purchase at ($1 shipping till 4/30)
4/2 Free Shipping Supplies for Businesses from USPS
4/2 Free Magazines for Qualified Professionals
4/2 Free Catalogs for April
4/2 Contest - 70 Monthly Prizes at Evenflo
4/2 Free Subscription to Web Techniques Magazine (must qualify)
4/2 Contest - Win a Cradle at Baby Cyberstore (6/30)
4/2 Contest - Win A Gospel Music T-Shirt (6/99)
4/2 Free Catalog From Omnipak Packaging and Shipping Supplies
4/2 Free St. Moritz, Switzerland Ski Vacation Planners
4/2 Contest - Win a Skincare Prize at Arbornne (monthly)
4/2 Online Freebie - Download Free Racing Wallpaper from Dunlop
4/2 Free Funky Bone Music Sticker (LSASE)
4/1 Free Sample from Geneva Healthways
4/1 Free Sample Dyed Hemp Twine
4/1 Available Again - Free Mousepad from Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection
4/1 Free Sample Vision Pro Xtra Protein
4/1 Free Booklet "7 Basic Steps to Successful Fasting and Prayer"
4/1 Free Sample Book from Preision Tag
4/1 Free Orlando Travel Brochures
4/1 Free Booklets and Magazine from Concerned Women of America
4/1 Walgreens Receipt Saver Club for April
4/1 Free CD-Rom from Music Bakery
4/1 Contest - Sign Up And Surf Contest from @Home (5/31)
4/1 Free "Snippet" Music Sampler
4/1 Just For Fun - Send An April Fools E-Card
4/1 Just For Fun -
4/1 Free Sample Isis Perfume
4/1 $3.00 Rebate on Echinex (sign guestbook)
4/1 $2.00 Rebate on Garlique (sign guestbook)
4/1 $2.00 Rebate on Melatonex (sign guestbook)
4/1 $2.00 Rebate on Harmonex (sign guestbook)
4/1 $3.00 Rebate on Propalmex (sign guestbook)
4/1 $3.00 Rebate on Rejuvex (sign guestbook)
4/1 Free Anti- Chew Tobacco Posters from Oral Health America (Phone In - call is not toll-free)
4/1 Axius Opinion Panel Win Prizes for Your Opinions - Also Contest On-Site
4/1 Join the Speedback Panel and Earn Money For Your Opinions
4/1 Free Products and Cash from American Consumer Panel
4/1 Still Valid - Free Shaolin Master Bumper Sticker
4/1 Contest - Win a Designed Webpage at Christel Webdesign
3/31 New Freebies - 3/31/99
3/30 Free Books for Teachers "Lily's Crossing" and "The View From Saturday" (paperback teacher's edition including a Teacher's Guide)
3/30 Free 20mb Website at Fortune City - with free e-mail account
3/30 Earn Cash For Surfing at Cybergold
3/30 Free Screen Cleaner from Power Media
3/30 Free Holistic Pet Care Book
3/30 Contest - Monthly Sweeps From Benchmark BeHome
3/30 Free Weight Loss, Quit Smoking Samples at The Herb Maven
3/30 Free Incense Offer from Wandering Omen Enterprises
3/30 Contest - Win $1040.00 From (weekly till 4/15)
3/30 Free Samples from The Excedrin Headache Resource Center
3/30 Contest - Win a Lifetime Basketball System (monthly)
3/30 Free Songs of Deliverance "Peace" Cassette
3/30 Sign Up To Earn Cash at AllAdvantage (Please use my referal # ALL-116 )
3/30 Free Asthma Attack Prevention Device
3/30 Freebies and Contest from Club Milk
3/30 FatBrain Books $15 off Coupon on $15 or More Offer code #FATBRAIN (it goes in referal box of order form, 4/19)
3/30 Fatbrain Offers - Free Laser Light with Purchase
3/30 Free Catalog from Johnston & Murphy Shoes
3/30 Walgreens Rebate Club Offers for April
3/30 Free Info Kit from Home Preschool
3/30 Free Info Kit and Chance To Win A Dell Inspiron 3500 Computer with DVD (3/31)
3/30 Contest - Win A Palm Pilot from Influence Software (3/31)
3/30 Just For Fun - Easter Fun And Games (and internet easter egg)
3/30 Still Valid - Free Recovery Zone "Mommy, I Don't Feel Good" Guide, Coupons, Chart
3/30 $10 Gift Certificate to Amazon when You Have a Winning Bid At Amazon Auctions
3/30 Contest - HP Sharing To The Power Of Ten Sweepstakes (5/23, also link to rebates)
3/30 Free Sample of Mr. Mike's Comic Arranger
3/30 Online Freebie - Free Tutorials at
3/30 Contest - Win a Makeover And Shopping Spree From LHJ (4/13)
3/29 Free Video from Tower Tech Modular Cooling Tower
3/29 Contest - Win Steaks at Omaha Steaks
3/29 Register for Promotional Offers from Designer Outlet
3/29 Free Country Curtains Catalog and Fabric Swatches
3/29 Free Sample Dynagel Gelatin (food service)
3/29 Free Samples from Dead Sea Psoriasis & Arthritis Treatment Foundation
3/29 Contest - Monthly Sweepstakes at Jeanine's Gifts
3/29 Free Family Reading Night Kit, Advantage Magazine, CD-Rom and More
3/29 Free 1999 Celebrity Cat Calendar
3/29 Free Samples for Decorators from Gilford
3/29 More Coverage of "Mellisa" Virus
3/29 Free Sample American Wood Fibers Pet Bedding
3/29 Free KaleidaGraph Demo CD-Rom
3/29 Free Casino CD-Rom
3/29 Updated Link - New Freebies at Firestore Farm Tires
3/29 Lots of Freebies at National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (click Safety Materials Catalog)
3/29 Free Prayer/Healing Cloth from Grail Christian Church (LSASE)
3/29 Rosetto Products Coupon and Contest (5/4)
3/29 Free Sample Pack and Fundraising Information
3/29 Free Books From Joy92
3/29 Still Valid - Free 1 Year Subscription To Teen Magazine
3/29 Updated Link - Answer Survey For Free Sample Of Designer Protein
3/29 Free Catalog from ABC School Supply
3/29 Free Subscription to Internet World
3/29 Contest - Win a Harley Heritage Softail and Other Prizes
3/29 Free Desktop Inkjet Catalog

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