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1/25/99 - 1/31/99

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1/31 Free Sample Flint River's Dog Food from John's Natural Dog Training
1/31 Free Gifts from The Catfish Institute
1/31 Contest - Win A Sony Digital Camera
1/31 Contest - Galaxy "Year 2000" Sweepstakes (12/31)
1/31 Football Pro '98 Software Free When You Trial Netmarket for $1.00 (for football withdrawl)
1/31 Free Watkins Sample from Angela's Corner
1/31 Contest - Win a Big Screen TV from Cheeze Whiz (2/3)
1/31 Online Freebie - Personalized Stationery Generator
1/31 Still Valid - Music Blvd. $10 Coupon , expires 3/31
1/31 $5.00 Gift Certificate to BrainPlay Toys and Software
1/31 Contest - SnowBlast Weekly and Monthly Giveaways (3/3)
1/31 Free Posters, Wallcharts and Newsletter for Teachers
1/31 This Weeks Grocery Store Savings
1/31 Free Kits, Videos, Brochures from CDC's Tobacco Information and Prevention Source
1/31 Enter Our Weekly Contests - Three Great Prizes!
1/31 Just For Fun - Everything You'll Ever Want To Know About Groundhog Day
1/31 Free Supplement Guide and Sample of VyoPro Whey Protein
1/31 Still Valid - Free Bottle of Vitamins from Puritan's Pride
1/31 Free Membership and Valuable Gift from
1/31 Free Sample Issue of "New Medical Therapies"
1/31 Free Sample Snap and Grow Tubes for Gardeners
1/31 A Bunch of "Older" Health and Beauty Aid Samples - All Still Valid
1/30 Free Study Guides (request printed copy or download) From KidsNet
1/30 Free Video "Fire Ant Control" from Solar Ant Charmer
1/30 Free Richters 1999 Herb Catalog
1/30 Free Samples and Catalog from Q-Cee's Office Supplies
1/30 Epson Rebate and Free Download of Professional T-Shirt Transfers
1/30 Free Bottle Cap Pin from Jones Soda
1/30 Free 2 Week Guest Pass To Bally Total Fitness (print out)
1/30 Free Sample from Great Faith Artcraft Manufacturing Ltd.
1/30 Lots of Free Vitamin Supplement Samples
1/30 Free Guide from Long Hair Care Group
1/30 Free Issue of StarDate Magazine
1/30 Lots of Free Catalogs from Wedding Orders Headquarters
1/30 Free Golden Grill® Hashbrowns (Foodservice only)
1/30 Free Garden Catalog from White Flower Farm
1/30 Free Booklet - Fresh-Market Tomatoes With Organic Mulches
1/30 Free Sample Jog-Tec Spray Dried Flavor
1/30 Free Subscription to Software Magazine
1/29 Free 90 Day Trial - Pitney Bowes Personal Postage Meter
1/29 Contest - Win a Pentium 233 Computer from Clarks Computers (4/15)
1/29 All Kinds of Free Newsletters To Join
1/29 Just For Fun - Taco Bell Dog Sound and Video Clips
1/29 Free Packet on Diabetes Research and Magazine
1/29 Free Electronic Organizer when You Join NetMarket for $1
1/29 Free Subscription to "On the Nose" Allergy Newsletter and Flonase Coupon
1/29 Printable Rebate Form For KitchenAid Dishwashers (2/7)
1/29 Free Video and $400 Gift Certificate from ThermoSpas
1/29 Contest - Win a Noahs Ark SwitchPlate at Kingdom Keepers
1/29 Free Name and Address Labels at Printgroup USA
1/29 Free Posters from Smoke Free Kids
1/29 Still Valid - Free Consistent Life Ethic Bumper Sticker
1/29 Free Sample Copy of Europe Magazine
1/29 4 Free Trial Issues of US News and World Report
1/29 Still Valid - Free Poster and Materials for Teachers
1/29 Free Catalog from EnduroSport
1/29 Free Sample Swatch of Royal Textures Paper (LSASE, 1/31)
1/29 Free Sample Dichos Taco Shaped Cookie (1-800)
1/29 Contest - "Create A Dicho" Contest (monthly)
1/29 Contest - Monthly Herbal Product Giveaway at Amazon Discovery
1/28 "Too Busy For Love" Sweepstakes - Win a Cruise (2/14, one entry)
1/28 Contest - Win a Case of Butterfingers and a Simpsons CD-Rom (weekly)
1/28 Free Sample Ultra Power Nutrient Sparkling Colloidal Nutrient Drink
1/28 Free Trial Issue of Health Watch
1/28 Free Sample of Supplements for Horses
1/28 Contest - Win a Set of Grateful Dead Beanie Bears and Jerry Doll (2/28)
1/28 Contest - Win a $100 Gift Certificate from Maine Lobster Direct (monthly)
1/28 Free Sample Bullet Pack (non-loading ammunition)
1/28 Free "PocketDiet" and Catalog
1/28 Free Sample AgSafe Plant Pearls Fertilizer
1/28 Free Stickers and Newsletter from The Thrifty Scrapper (LSASE)
1/28 Contest - Win Smith SL2 Sunglasses at REI
1/28 Free Issue of Planetary Connections Magazine
1/28 90 Free and Trial Offers From My Sponsors
1/28 Online Freebie - Send a Valentine, Hug or Kiss from Virtual Hugs and Kisses
1/28 Free Bookmarks from Balanced Bodies Enterprises
1/28 Free Sample Refresh Shower Gel
1/28 New Coupons and Offers at Cool Savings
1/28 Free Boulder Gear Sticker
1/28 Contest - Win $50 Worth of Sally Hansen Products (monthly)
1/28 Printable Rebate Form for Pronto Lice Killing Shampoo also Free Booklets for Healthcare Professionals
1/28 Contest - Stetson Country Free Sample Instant Win Game
1/28 Online Freebie - Print Out Free Looney Toons "Cupid's Coupons"
1/28 Updated Link - Free Funky Bone Sticker (LSASE)
1/28 Contest - Win a Valentino Bear (1/31) and/or Download a Free Demo of Sweep!
1/28 Free Hippie Hemp Key Chain and Catalog
1/28 Contest - Win a Vacation in Paris
1/28 Online Freebie - Print Out Free Genealogy Charts & Forms
1/28 Contest - Win a Retired Beanie and Send a Free Card from Virtual Beanie Baby Greetings
1/27 Free Brochure "Frozen pipes...Are you prepared for winter?" (write in)
1/27 Free Brochures from the Stuttering Foundation
1/27 Free Hat When You Register For E-Catalogs
1/27 Register for a $5.00 Coupon from Gold n Glitter
1/27 ProLaunch Members - 500 Free Points When You Fill Out The Survey
1/27 Or Join Here - 500 Free Points When You Fill Out The Survey
1/27 Free KIC on Board T-Shirt for KIC Thermal Profiling Users
1/27 Free Audio Tapes From FFC - Hundreds of Choices (read the note)
1/27 Free Catalog from The Water Garden Center
1/27 Online Freebie - Sample Full Programs from Computer Channel
1/27 Free Poster and Issue of Episcopal Life
1/27 Free 5 Minute Phone Card from U-Name-It
1/27 Tons of Free Tracts (limit 3) from The American Tract Society
1/27 This Weeks ValuPage - Grocery Coupons by ZipCode
1/27 New Brochures and Decal from Boat/US Foundation
1/27 Free Newsletter and Investor Tools When You Join MicroCap 1000
1/27 Free Online Insurance Quote
1/27 Lots of Free Financial Brochures
1/27 Free Long Distance From FreeWay (you listen to ads to get it)
1/27 Free Trial Issue of Catholic Digest
1/27 Online Freebie - Free Teletubbies Screensaver, Sounds and Desktubs Pack to Download
1/27 Contest - Win One of Fifty Hurly Burly T-Shirts from Fine Line (2/11)
1/27 Free Sample of Shave from Ryal
1/27 Free Recipe Brochures from The California Prune Board
1/27 Still Valid - Free Coupon Pack and Contest from Tender Corp.
1/26 Free Recipe Book And Coupons from Empire Chicken
1/26 Free Diabetics Recipe Booklet "Delicious Desserts Cook Booklet" and Other Booklets (sign the guestbook)
1/26 Link To Our Site! And We'll Add You To Our Links Section Free Goodies On The Web
1/26 Free E-mailed Daily Horoscope from Liz's Wonderful World Astrology and Contest
1/26 Free Ethan Allen Furniture Magazine
1/26 Free Comic Book, Brochures and Catalog from NCPC
1/26 Contest - Win a Diamond Ring from Barnes and Noble (2/16)
1/26 Free Gift From RCR Cleaning, Inc
1/26 Just For Fun - Create a Talking Message From The President
1/26 Updated Link - Two Free T-Shirts at Petrix
1/26 Free Bible Reading Planner
1/26 Free Carpet Buyer's Guide CD-Rom
1/26 Still Available - Free Sample Nioxin for Hair Loss
1/26 Contest - Interstate Batteries Firebird '98 Sweepstakes (2/19)
1/26 Free Emergency Computer Kit (you are put on a Opt-In e-mail list when you reply to this offer)
1/26 Free Catalogs from JC Penney
1/26 Still Valid - Free Racing Coloring Book (mail in)
1/26 Free Eddie Bauer Catalog
1/26 Contest - Vote For Your Favorite Teenie Friend Doll To Win It (monthly)
1/26 Free E-Mail Account at Dog Mail & Contest
1/26 Contest - Win a Jeep Cherokee Sport or 115 Other Prizes (one entry, 3/12, usa only)
1/26 Discounts and Promotions For Students from Visa
1/25 Contest - Win a 1999 Corvette, also, Instant Prizes (6/30)
1/25 Online Freebie - Beautiful Graphics For Your Web Pages from Pat's Web Graphics
1/25 Free Report on Network Marketing
1/25 Contest - Win a Poster from Genesis Art Line (2/10)
1/25 Free Sample and Catalog to Gift Shops/Dealers
1/25 Free Sample Packs from Alfred Office Supplies
1/25 Free Electronics Symbols Handbook
1/25 Free Calling Card from GTC Telecom
1/25 Free Information/Career Catalog - Lots of Choices
1/25 New Freebies from Club Milk
1/25 Free Book from Precision Tag & Label Corporation
1/25 Free Car Brochures from General Motors
1/25 Trial Offer - Best Rate Discount Travel Card
1/25 Free Wine Video from The Glenlivet
1/25 Free Brochures "Depression in Women" and "Depression and Your Family"
1/25 Free Book and Audio Cassette from Barleygreen® (scroll down)
1/25 Free Download of I Ching Software
1/25 Free Folk Art Card and Brochure
1/25 Free Cassette Tape from St. Joseph Communications
1/25 Free Demo CD-Rom M.Y.O.B. Plus and M.Y.O.B. Premier
1/25 Free Music Cassette from "Moke"
1/25 Free Platinum Forest and Trees 6.0 Demo CD-Rom
1/25 Printable Rebate Form For Planet Lunch (Frito-Lay Snack Size ) Points
1/25 Free Herbal Supplements from All Herb (scroll down)
1/25 Still Valid - Free Team Antioxidant Poster/Brochure
1/25 Free Home Safety Evaluation Kit (mail in)
1/25 Contest - "$2100 Worth of Video CD Products Giveaway" (2/28)
1/25 Free Jenny Craig Program Printable Coupon (expires 3/31)
1/25 Online Freebie - Print Out Coloring Pages from Earth Day
1/25 Contest - Win a Caribbean Vacation from The Wiz.Com (2/19)
1/25 Contest - Jamaican Journey Giveaway from Jenny Craig (2/15)
1/25 Free Sample Issue of "Communication Briefings"

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