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New Freebies
10/1/97 - 10/8/97

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Free Pepper Seeds/Enter Contest
Free T-shirt from Trippin' Out Magazine
Sample Honeyworks Skin Lotion
Free Keychain from Dunfords
Free Notecards (LSASE)
Free Gift From FRS
Catalog & Leanin' Tree Xmas Card (1-800)
Discovery Records Music/Stickers
Free Sunny Delight
BNE Bumper Sticker
Lowfat Recipe Book
Photo Bookmark (e-mail for sample)
Alconox Cleaning Sample
Free Tarot Card Reading
Life Ethic Bumper Sticker
Sticker from bcyellowpages
Health and Wealth Cassette
Ink-Solv 30 Sample
A to B Calm Drink (LSASE)
Free Game CD's
Samples of Herbal Products
Free Corner Enforcer
Free Gift from Unity Mutual Life
Metallic Balloon Sample
Coney Island Postcard (SASE)
Free Candy from Auntie Bellum's
Sun Data Direct MousePad
Free Green Bean Button
Free Star Clip (LSASE)
Optimune Sample for the HIV/AIDS community
Free Luggage Tags
Ultra Preventive III Sample
Drug Free Schools Videos & Booklets
CoolMan Sticker (SASE)
K-B Toy Store Coupons
Free Office Labels
Free Rainforest Candy Bar
Sweet'n'Low Candy Sample
Free Poster from CPI
Free Mouse Klip
Music Tape from Hershey Squirts
Scented Soap from Woodland Creek
Sample Hattie's Super Sauce
Free Pen at Butterfly's
Pastor Weems' booklet "The 90's"
Free Hawaii '97 Sticker (LSASE)
Toyota Brochures
PAWS-itively Delicious Dog Food
Free Mini Pig (LSASE)
Free Car Polish
Trim Right Free Sample
iGuide Free Hat
All About Milk Brochures
Free 2-pack Mineral Water (1-800)
Free 1998 Wildlife Calendar
Free Truck Stuff
60 Minute Phone Card to Students
Sample Old Jerusalem Food
Free Year of Energy Times Magazine
Free Mousepad
Free Game CD
Free Gift from Copiah Bank
Free American Baby Magazine
Charni Cosmetics Samples
Free Baby Sticker
Free Game CD's
Free Sample Biogame Soap

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