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Liquidation Sale!

The free gift offer has expired...But Wait!- We are liquidating a warehouse full of great jewelry.
Would you like one of our Grab-Bag Samplers? Just until Christmas we will let you have an assortment of 12 pairs of earrings for only $4.00 or 2/$7.50 (thats less then 33¢ a pair!)
Make great gifts! Give one keep 11 pair for yourself :)
Want Some?
Just send a check or moneyorder, along with your name and address, p&h charge (p&h only $2.00 any size order) and the quantity you wish to order (USA only!). Send to:
Grab-Bag Surprises and Jewelry
PO Box 1052 - WW
Orange, Ct 06477-7052

If you would like to order over 10 Grab-Bags we'll quote you the price - just e-mail us at
Want a 100 pc. Sampler of Assorted Jewelry (earrings, pins, necklaces, bracelets, etc. Send for as many as you like at just $28.00 plus $2.00 p/h. (USA Only)

Write to us for other special deals/closeouts!
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