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September 23 - 28

Free MousePad for Filling Out Survey at Willis Corroon International
Free Soap Chip Samples from Victorian Greenhouse (LSASE)
Completely Free Software to Download
Free "Tales of Traditions" Brochure from Department 56
Free Sample from Family Radio
Free Michigan Live Mousepad For WebMasters
New Freebies from Catholic Media
Free Leica IMS Video
Still Valid - Free Pad and Pen from HomeTrends
Free T-Shirt if You Qualify - Must Live Within 100 Mile Radius of Vinita, Oklahoma
Free CD-Rom "3M Networking Solutions"
Contest - "Virginia Is For Winners Contest" (12/31 one entry)
Free Sticker from The Spiker Company
Free "Precious Cargo -- Protecting The Children Who Ride With You" Video and Booklet (1-800)
Free Steep Tea Catalog and Stickers
Earn Prizes and Gift Certificates When You Join Prolaunch for Free
LensCrafters Special Offers and Free J&J Contact Lenses
Free 3D Studio Max R2.5 Demo CD-Rom
Free Issue of Earthlight Ecology & Spirituality Magazine
Free Mouse Pad from Presentation Plastics Ltd
Register at Avery for Free Stuff
Free Team Antioxidant Poster
Free Looney Toons Key Chain and WinCraft Newsletter
Free K-Swiss Posters
Four Free Trial Issues of US News
Free Stuff and Promotions at APC
Contest - Win a Animal Shaped Fun Tent or Playpen (weekly)
Free Brochures and Coupons from WestSoy
Free Sample Rapid Decalcifier
Win 10 CD's from Second Spin (monthly, one entry)
Contest - E.Toys Video Game Contest
Free Window Decal from St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center
Free Sticker from Picasso Moon
Free Gift from the Society of Network Marketing Professionals
Free Sample Jovan Ginseng N.R.G. Fragrance
Free Book "Your Heritage" from Billy Graham
Contest - Win a Big Screen TV (daily entry)
Free Product Samples from Tampax
Lots of Free Posters
Free Application - Reduce Debt with First Source Lending
Free Cigars - Sign Up To Become A "Cigar Rater" In Phase Two (21 and older)
Free Aunt Yvonne's Batter Mix for Restaurant Owners
Get Paid for Your Opinions from LiveWire
Free Family Site at Family Point
Contest - Win a Mint Disney Stamp Sheetlet at Ilan's Topicals (weekly contest)
Free Bumper Sticker and Williamsburg Vacation Planner
Choice of Free Articles from Ministry to Eastern Europe
Free Issue of Sure-Jell's "Jam and Jelly Times"
Free Crochet Patterns from CITIUSA
Free CD-Rom Demo of M.Y.O.B. Accounting Plus
Free 5 Minute AT&T Phone Card For You and a Friend & Contest
Free Gift from NFO Interactive Panel
The Rebate Company - Some Items have Rebates of 100% off
**If you had contacted me on becoming a NEW contest sponsor or would like to be PLEASE re-mail the Info - The File Was Deleted :(
Free Sample TrimMax Weight Loss Product
Free Life Adventure Series: Diabetes CD-Rom for Children With Diabetes
Link To Our Pages
Join Our Daily or Weekly Freebie Update Newsletters (we finally have it fixed!)
Free "Irish Jig" Screensaver at the Download Store (click "top ten")
Free Sample Salsa from Salsa San Antonio (LSASE)
Free Crayon Key Chain and Stickers from Uncle John's Enterprises
Free Poster or Sticker from Jordin Jeans
WebMaster Help- Free Dynamic HTML Scripts at Dynamic Drive
Contest - Pulse Indie 100 - Win 100 Music CD's (9/28 one entry usa only)
Online Freebie - Games for "Kids of All Ages" at KidZone
Free Canvas 5 Evaluation CD-Rom
Still Valid - Free Sample "Chew Slim Gum"
Still Valid - Fira Cosmetics Free Product Sample
Contest - Win Scrapbooking Supplies from Jangle.com (monthly)
Free Stuff from the Band "Blink 182" (LSASE)
Contest - Car or Cash Sweepstakes (12/17)
More Free Thermo-Lift Diet Supplement from Fourstars.com (1-800)
Free Catalog from Basic Brilliance Cotton for Moms, Kids and Babies
Free RiskMaster Video and Other Freebies
Free Vitalon P Soft Drink. Snowdew Yogurt Drink and Other Samples to Importers/Exporters
Still Valid - Free Fox News T-Shirt
E-Toys: - Save $10.00. Enter eToys coupon code C2363 when ordering. $15 minimum purchase. Limit 1 per household. Offer expires 10/11/98 As Seen In Child Magazine
Free 80 page Booklet "What is Fibre Channel"
Free 3 Day Skin Care from Arbonne
Online Freebie - Send A Java Postcard Or Use Your Own Photo
Free American Miniature Horse Booklet from AMHA
Contest - Win a Big Screen TV (daily entry)
Free Sample Happy Paws Pet Food (to some?)
New Orleans & Louisiana's Coupon Booklet (print out)
Free Tree Seeds, Newsletter, Fact Sheets and More from New Forests Project (for teachers and students)
Free "I Love Cheese" Recipe Brochure (LSASE)
Your Choice of Free Sample at Lazarus Dermatologic Products
Free Sticker from Krsten's Sticker Corner
Free Bookmark from The Integrity Center
Free Sample Pet Food from The Longevity Company
Still Valid - Free Brochures and Coupons at Kramer Labs
Free Sticker and Contest at Klingon Teddy Bears
Free Catalog and Newsletter from Herbal Luxuries
Free Pro Pac Pet Food
Free Stable Accessory with Mira Products Purchase (print out form)
Free Brochures and Equine Vaccination Schedule for Horse Owners
Free Arthritis Booklet "Total Patient Management"
Free Sample of Lactaid Ultra (1-800)
Free Internet Travel Specials And Student Travel Newsletters
Contest - PowerBook Sweepstakes and Music Blvd. Discount(10/21)
Free Sample from Designovations
Free Noevir Catalog and Sample
Free Trial Money Magazine
Free Hawaii 98 Prism Sticker from AlohaLand (LSASE)
Free Independent Film Magazine "Indie"
Still Valid - Free Recipe Book from "Jiffy Mix"
Free Copy of "The Politics of Reason" Political Newsletter
Free Sales Success Wallet Card from D.E.I.
Free Discovery Channel's Educator Guide
WebMaster Freebie - Beautiful Graphics at S.S. Studio
Free Sample Olbas Pastilles Throat Lozenges from Penn Herb
Contest and Lots of Games at NBC.com
Free Vial Adapter from Bioject (bioject home users or healthcare professionals only)
Free Sample "Sphag Sorb" Environmental Organic Absorbent
Free "Name" Certificate and FundRaising Info from GMMG
Free Trial of Disney's Blast/Games
Free Poster "Profile of a Winning Team" from Indium Corp.
Still Valid - Free Book "Uncovering Math With Your Family"
Free Newsletters and Brochures For Teachers from Texas Instruments
Tons of Freebies from The Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program
Contest - Daily T-Shirt Drawing from Banyan Western Region
Contest - "What a Mix-Up Contest" Win A Childrens Library of Music (9/30)
DeliverE Contest - Win a Camcorder (10/13)
DeliverE Contest - Free CD Sweepstakes (9/30)
Online Freebie - Send a Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest Edible Greetings Postcard
Free Hot Pepper Lollipop from Scotch Bonnet Integration
Register for Free Recordings, Books and Stickers from The Band "Beyond Believe"
Hundreds of Free Mail Order Catalogs
Take The Net Squeeze Challenge for Free Energy Gel
Free Virtual Pet Fish "Mopy" to Download
Free Christmas Card from The Card Gallery
Updated Offer - Free Dinosaur Jerky (LSASE)
WebMaster Freebie - Webcards Free Sample - Earning Opportunity
Poptarts Instant Win Contest
Lots of Free Stuff from Cognos CD-Rom Giveaway
Free Parenting Newsletter and Coupons
Still Valid - Free Gift from Ribbon Exchange
Free Newsletter/Info on Alternative Cancer Therapy
Free Money Making Info Packet from FIS
Lots of Freebies from Member Works Online
Free Term Papers/ Book Reports at Phree School
Still Valid - Register for Free Samples from Royal Dutchess Gourmet Foods
Free Family WebSite at Family Point
Free Demo CD-Roms of Graphics Suite
FreeWare Game For Kids - Download "Falling Oz" from DynoTech

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