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10/17/97 - 11/1/97
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Free Magazine/Coupons from Healthy Choice
Free Computer Magazines
Free Guitar Strings
On-Line Walgreens Coupons
Purina Kitten Chow Newsletter(1-800)
Free Book for Teachers
Trinidad Cigar Video
Free CD-Rom from BASF
Investment Video
Free CrossStitch Charts
Free Prostate Supplement
MS-Visual Interdev Kit (p/h)
Free Hockey Key Chain
Free Book from Laureate Learning
Hot! Coupons - Various States
Choice of Brochures from State Farm
Free Poster of Sunset
Vermont Public Radio Bumper Sticker (LSASE)
"Rokkit" Scientist Sticker (SASE)
38 Bands CD (p/h)
Coupons from EClip
Waterless Car Wash
Free Magazine & Info for Teachers
Free Sports Cards (SASE)
Free Craft Booklet from Krylon
Easy Pack95 Demo CD
Free Sportscards w/Catalog
Kelly's Candy (business only)
Free Stuff Survey
Free Sample from Knight Products
Free EDS Poster
Clean Habit Olive Oil Soap (SASE)
Domino Pizza - Print out Coupons
Drill Mobile Poster and Info
Free Classroom Kit for Teachers
National Outlet Coupon Book
Whiz Club Free Stickers
World Trade Plan Sample Import
Eagle Mills Bread Mix
Free Money Clip
ND-3 Cleaner Sample
Free USA Maps (1-800)
FREE Asthma Attack Prevention Device
Free Vinyl Lettering Sign
SafeWay Coupons
Free Copy Campus Journal
Free Gift from CS Business Systems
Power Groove Video
Educational Demo Software CD
Free Syle Promo Items
Free New Age Newsletter
Free College Application CD
Free Thermo Lift
Free AudioTape from Power Mrktg.
Free Gift for Direct TV Owners
Free Legal Forms (print out)
Sticker from The Sugarcoats
X-File Game Card.
Fresh Samantha bumper Sticker
Free Lee Pipes Poster
Free Child Safety Kit
Free Dosage Chart for Animals
Knowledge Finder CD Rom
Free Polo Shirt
Freebies from Corel
Free Discover Bibles
nBank Survey = Free Gifts
Mini Telephone Index/Keyring
Dog Snack Coupon (print out)
Cool Savings Coupons

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