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Get-O-Life (Great Tips and Ideas)
The Simple Living Network
The Dollar Stretcher Newsletter
How to Live Better on Less
Enviro$ense Search
Money Master's Web Site
Household Budget Management Free Program Downloads!
The Budget Booster
Parents at Home Page
The Cyber.Mom (great tips/chat)
Voluntary Simplicity Project
Household Hints, Moneysavers
Links and Tips (living smarter)
Center for a New American Dream
Consumer World
Car Secrets Revealed
Street Cents Online Consumer Info
66 Ways to Save Money
Bizy Moms
Country Connections
Tightwad Twins
Center for Financial Well-Being
The Unofficial Tightwad Gazette Fan Page
Organize your Life(seminar info)
Get Organized News
Tightwad/Frugal Newsletter
Overcoming Consumerism
The EComomic HOmemaker
101 Uses - Recycle Tips
Frugal Fun
Seeds of Simplicity
How to Have Big Money Garage Sales
The Internet Resale Directory
Country Connections
Consumer Recycling Guide
Frugal-Ed List
Usenet: alt.consumers.free-stuff
Usenet: misc.consumers.frugal-living
Newsgroup: alt.save.the.earth
Use Less Stuff (past/present issues)
Dr. Tightwad (parents tips)
The Miser's Gazette
Living Lightly
Battern Family Tightwadding Page
Simple Living
Frugal Living Resources
The Frugal Connection
Something for Nothing Journal
Natural Life Online
Internet Resale Directory
Frugal Living Tips
Recycler's World
U.S. Flea Market Finder
Flea Market National Directory
Surplus/Closeout Finder
The Internet Auction List
Living Gently Quarterly
Book Shop - Organize/Money Savers

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Barter Links!
ICU Barter & Trade Exchange
Eagle Barter Exchange
Barter Station
BBX - Barter Board Xchange
BXI - Gulf Coast Barter
Barter Mall
Trading, Barter Offers

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The Smart Skinflint
State of the Earth E-Zine
Natural Life Magazine

  • Green Peace
  • Friends of Peace Pilgrim
  • EPA Public Access
  • Environmental Organization Web Directory
  • Environmental Recycling Hotline
  • Environmental News Network
  • Friends of the Environment
  • EnviroLink's List of Environmental Organizations On-Line
  • Environmental Studies Program
  • Enviro$ense Search
  • Evergreen Foundation
  • National Wildlife Foundation
  • My Tribute to the Great Outdoors
  • Organic Village
  • National Wildlife
  • International Wildlife
  • EcoMall
  • Your Big Backyard
  • Recycling Factoids
  • Organic Farming Guidelines
  • American Water and Energy Savers
  • Americans for the Environment
  • Defenders of Wildlife
  • Cherish the Earth
  • Ecosystem
  • Soltice: Sustainable Energy
  • Global Energy Marketplace CNN - Environment Section
  • Action Without Borders
  • Earth Pledge Foundation
  • Ecological Society Of America
  • Forest Action Network (Canada)
  • Environmental Justice Resource Center
  • Brazilian Coastal Rainforest!
  • Earth Share
  • City Farmer
  • Earth Culture
  • California Peace Action
  • Save the Manatee Club
  • International Wildlife Coalition
  • Rainforest Action Network
  • Amnesty International
  • Animal Rights Resource Site
  • Environmental Defence Fund
  • Earth Society Foundation
  • Gardening Village

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